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Destructive Testing 

The following is a series of self performed tests designed to help prove to you that our coatings really can do what we say they can. Please do not try any of the following experiments at home, Powerkote will not be held responsible for any injuries that may occur as a result.

Fire Proof Test 1

Capable of handling temperatures from -180 ºC to in excess of +2000 ºC

View our Piston Burn video below: (half coated, half not coated piston being burnt with a blow torch)




See more tests below, where the uncoated side gives way and the coated section stays good as new.


Large coated Engine being pushed to its limits:

Fire Proof Test 2

Metal plate, Fully coated, half Powerkote (Silver), half another coating (Black) being burnt with a blow torch: (notice the other coating burning, Powerkote coatings are non-flammable and release no smoke or gas!)

Fire Proof Test 3 & 4

Impacts of over 14 Joules

Coated pipes/plates before and after impacts from a hammer: (Notice no cracking or flaking of Powerkote coatings)

Criteria for an Excellent Coating:

Thermal shock resistant
Excellent flexibility
Impact resistant
Corrosion resistant
Fire proof 
Acid resistant     
High pressure capable
Superior adhesion
Ease of application

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