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Powerkote offers a wide range of services for vehicles and industrial applications that can reduce heat, boost performance, increase durability and even save fuel.

Ceramics - Choose from our popular ceramic coatings which provide superior corrosion and heat protection for treated parts. These coatings aren’t just tough, they also look great and come in a variety of colours, giving you more customization options to make your ride stand out.

Cryogenics - If you are looking for wear resistance try our Cryogenic Thermal Cycling process to toughen up treated parts and increase life expectancy. Can be combined with our ceramic coatings for the ultimate finish.

Engineering – We offer a range of repair and modification services for engines and automotive parts to keep your vehicle running at its best.


Our range of Techline products were originally designed for use on space shuttles during re-entry and are as tough as they get. We have seen massive benefits for most industrial machinery and vehicles which are usually exposed to harsh conditions. The primary advantages of our ceramic coatings being high levels of corrosion/chemical protection, thermal dispersion, superior durability and even self-lubrication. These coatings can handle extreme temperatures and are flame proof for added safety. This means you can protect your expensive parts or tools from corrosion and wear while simultaneously reducing surface temperatures which can increase performance, save fuel and raise the life expectancy of coated parts.


Many of our coatings come out as a beautiful polished chrome finish but other colours such as blue, red, gold and black are available to up your ride’s aesthetic while still getting all the technical benefits that ceramic coatings provide.


Some of our most popular applications are for exhaust manifolds, headers, turbo charges, induction pipes, tappet covers, brake callipers.

We also have many coatings and other processes for industrial and aircraft applications which include the above benefits and more.


To see our other services please use the following links:  Industrial Automotive EngineeringCryogenics

Coat It

Whatever your needs we will help you choose the right coating for the job and handle everything from surface preparation to coating application. All you need to do is bring us the parts you would like to have treated and we’ll handle the rest. For more information on our products you can contact us or find them on our products page here.

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