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Cermakrome Metallic Ceramic Coating (MCX)  
Product Description: MCX Cermakrome is a metallic ceramic coating which has a chrome like finish resembling buffed aluminum. Cermakrome revitalizes exhausts systems giving engine bays a hot new look. Capable of providing extremely high levels of corrosion and chemical protection. Cermakrome is a Thermal barrier coating which keeps up to thirty percent of the radiated heat in the exhaust manifold. The result is cooler under hood temperatures and increased exhaust gas velocity, which means more power!

Applications: Excellent for Exhaust manifolds, headers, turbo charges, induction pipes, tappet covers and may be applied to virtually any metal part for durable, chrome like finish. Not recommended for magnesium.  Ceramic coated turbos.


Thermal Barrier Coating (TLHB)

Product Description: TLHB has a very slick finish and works wonders when applied in an exhaust tract and aids in increased exhaust gas velocity and reduced carbon build-up. TLHB is an excellent thermal barrier and when combined with Cermakrome can reduce radiated heat by a whopping fifty percent!  Yes this means more power and cooler engine bay! Applications: TLHB is a high temperature thermal barrier coating with good corrosion and chemical resistance. TLHB is great for brakes, exhaust tracks, wheels, turbo chargers, pipes, springs, casings, frames, housings etc.   

TLHB is a high temperature thermal barrier coating with good corrosion and chemical resistance. TLHB is great for brakes, exhaust tracks, wheels, turbo chargers, pipes, springs, casings, frames, housings etc.

Black Satin

Product Description: Black Satin was our first coating produced. Originally developed for the X30 Space Plane It is still an extremely popular coating. Testing has shown very good thermal barrier capabilities and adhesion has been tested to temps over 2000F, without delaminating. Further color changes occur as heat increases, shifting from a satin black to a flat black at high temperatures. The pigment is a brown black and can go dark gray at very hi temps.    

Applications: Black Satin is very popular in both automotive and motorcycle exhaust applications.     

Metallic Ceramic Coating (CBC2)    

Product Description: CBC2 is a metallic ceramic coating designed for use in combustion chamber applications on non-ferrous metals. CBC2 is a unique material that exceeds the capabilities of more traditional ceramics. CBC2 has all of the excellent thermal barrier characteristics without the tendency to crack and flake, common to other ceramics. In addition, CBC2 aids in heat movement within the combustion chamber causing convection. The heat movement barrier function increases combustion efficiency, through more efficient oxidation of fuel. In addition, the polished surface is not only highly reflective to heat, but provides minimal transfer of residual combustion chamber heat to the incoming fuel mass, thus reducing the chance of detonation. CBC2 has excellent carbon shedding characteristics, which also aids performance. CBC2 is unaffected by most chemicals. Survives thermal shock, can withstand temperatures in excess of 3000şF for short periods. 

Applications: CBC2 is designed for single coat coverage and may be applied to non-ferrous metal parts. Forms durable chrome like finish. Survives heat and forces of an internal combustion engine. Can be used on pistons for both petrol and diesel engines. May be used to protect aluminum parts. Not recommended for magnesium. See our piston burn video! Protect your expensive pistons….!    Piston coating surviving 2000 degrees C    

IC-105 Insulation   

Product Description: IC-105 Is designed to provide a layer of insulation to isolate components or environments from high temperature transfer. IC-1 may be brushed on to virtually any substrate. 

Applications: IC-105 has been used in auto racing as an insulator between the exhaust system and the driver's compartment. Temperature reductions have been significant enough that the metal heat shields previously utilised were able to be removed. IC-1 is a metallic/aluminium in colour which also helps reflect heat away from the coated surface. Extremely smooth plastics may need to be roughed up to improve adhesion.       

Thermal Dispersant Coating (TLTD)   

Product Description: TLTD is a thermally cured heat emitting coating designed to accelerate the heat transfer ability of the coated surface. TLTD makes use of several factors in managing heat flow. The coating is applied in a thin film, so as not to fill in the surface porosity, thus not reducing surface area. It also coats the surface with ingredients that enhance the flow of heat. These features are combined with a black pigment, making use of the black body radiation theory. TLTD also provides excellent corrosion protection which not only enhances the appearance, but extends the functional life of the coating. TLTD also has a lubricant included in the formulation that makes the surface very easy to clean. TLTD is a good oil shedding material and enhances cooling through improved heat transfer to oil and other coolants. TLTD can withstand temperatures in excess of 2000şF and survives extreme thermal shock. 

Applications: TLTD is a high temperature thermal dispersant coating with good corrosion and chemical resistance. May be used on cylinder barrels, springs, elements, brake callipers, discs, oil pans, radiators, intercoolers and parts which need to release heat.   

CermaLube Dry Film Lubricant Coating  

Product Description: CermaLube is a ceramic coating designed to be used on any rigid or semi rigid surface experiencing sliding, rotating or oscillating friction. CermaLube is designed to carry loads in excess of 350,000 PSI as well as lubricate at temperatures in excess of 1600şF. CermaLube is a combination of a unique water based resin and lubricating solids including a ceramic lubricating grit. CermaLube combines the durability of a ceramic resin with the lubricity of the ceramic lubricant. CermaLube works well in light duty applications, as well as in applications where high temperatures, high loads and high speeds are experienced. CermaLube is gray in colour and acquires a glass like finish in use. CermaLube is formulated to provide a cured film thickness of 0.001” or less. 

Applications: CermaLube is compatible with today's emphasis on environmentally friendly products. It can be used for gears, shafts, slides and high load areas.       

Dry Film Lubricant Coating (TLML)  

Product Description: TLML is a thermally cured dry film lubricant. TLML makes use of a unique binding system, to retain high pressure/low coefficient of friction lubrication pigments. The cured material is capable of providing increased lubrication and reduced friction at loads of 350,000 PSI. The film thickness as applied, ranges from .0003” to .0005” and will burnish to approximately 20 millionths during operation of the coated part. Coating thickness may be reduced prior to assembly by buffing with a suitable material. TLML is especially useful where heat transfer is also of concern. TLML can aid in the more even distribution of heat as well as allow for more efficient cooling of the coated product, particularly when being cooled with oil. TLML survives thermal shock, bending and flexing. TLML withstands exposure to temperatures in excess of 2000şF. 

Applications: TLML can be used to aid lubrication for any moving or sliding parts. TLML reduces friction and wear of coated parts. It can be used on pistons, bearings, joints, guides, slides, rails etc. Protects assemblies from galling, seizing and inhibits fretting while providing barriers against electrolytic corrosion.  Helps prevent seizures!   Save your Pistons……..!   

Dry Film Lubricant (DFL-1)  

Product Description: DFL-1 is a thermally cured Dry Film Lubricant. DFL-1 makes use of a unique binding system, to retain high temperature stability while reducing friction. The film thickness of DFL-1, as applied, ranges from .0005" to .001". When cured, DFL-1 is not affected by most chemicals. The lubricating ingredients in DFL-1 can lubricate at pressures above 350,000 psi. Part life increase is also a benefit.  

Applications: DFL-1 is designed to be applied to Connecting rods and Main bearings. DFL-1 reduces friction. Yeah…. Less friction more power!  Also if you have an engine failure due to overheating or lack of oil DFL-1 can handle a higher temp than white metal so you will lose a bearing but the destruction caused when the connecting rods seize to the crankshaft will be averted.  Protect your engine!

See our tests and videos proving how powerful these coatings really are, here.

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