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 About Us: 

Powerkote (Pty) Ltd is a leading distributor and applicator of microfilm high temperature ceramic coatings. 

Established in 1999 in a partnership with Sartor Bros. Engineering, Powerkote has the exclusive distribution and applications rights for Techline Coatings USA's range of renowned ceramic coatings that were originally designed to handle re-entry temperatures for space vehicles in the aerospace industry. Today these ceramic coatings are regarded as the most advanced thermal protection options currently available globally. 

Powerkote's range of ceramic coatings is well established in the automotive industry throughout South Africa and has become the coating of choice on automotive components, particularly in the demanding motor sports arena.

Directors [Johannesburg] Head Branch.......

Furthest Left- Shaun Sartor, Middle- Gary Sartor, Furthest Right-Carlo Sartor

Director [Cape Town].......Frank Hall

Directors [KZN]........Trinity & Mckaelin Micky Govender with Gary Sartor (JHB Director)

Range & Features
Powerkote ceramic coatings are designed for use on any ferrous or non-ferrous metal and include a comprehensive range to suit different applications, varying from thermal barrier coatings , thermal dispersant coatings , dry film lubricant coatings , and corrosion resistant coatings. 
Powerkote's ceramic coatings are capable of handling extreme conditions, as well as provide excellent chemical and corrosion resistance. Thermal shock tests show that these coatings can endure a thermal shock between: 185 degrees C to + 2 000 degrees C and to date are the only coating of its kind that can withstand the temperatures of an internal combustion engine. 
Powerkote also has an extensive range of engine coatings, which are products from Techline Inc, USA and include ceramic lubricants ; two dry film lubricants ; high load durable lubricants; powercoat lubricants; thermal dispersants; lubricated thermal barriers; and high heat ID coatings. 

Differentiators of Powerkote ceramic coatings compared to other products include good flexibility due to microfilm coverage; highest rate of adhesion to withstand extreme thermal shock; high impact resistance and ease of application. 
PowerKote has a large range of products and will advise you on the right coating for the application.

Powerkote's range of ceramic coatings is used to treat metal parts or components across a broad range of applications and industries, including aerospace, automotive, harbours, mining, petro-chemical, paper and pulp, power generation, plants, shipping, timber and transport, to name a few. In fact, any application where corrosion, heat and friction can result in wear and tear.

National Facilities
Powerkote, with its original offices and plant in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa, expanded into the various Cape and KwaZulu Natal regions during 2004 with the opening of Powerkote Cape (Pty) and Powerkote Natal (Pty) to meet the demand for this patented range of high tech industrial ceramic coatings. 
Both regional companies have fully fledged offices and plants similar to the Gauteng operation in order to extend a full application service to these areas. Powerkote has an extensive advisory service locally to solve applications problems, as well as direct and quick access to engineers at Techline Coatings USA.


Leonard Warren - President of Techline Coatings USA and Gary Sartor, Director at Powerkote JHB

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