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Cryogenics or Cryogenic Thermal Cycling (CTC) is an advanced process in which metals or certain other materials are essentially frozen in cycles at extremely low temperatures, thereby altering their molecular structure. The primary advantage of this process is that it strengthens the treated parts to a substantial degree making them tougher and more resistant to wear (up to 200-300% of original “wear life”).


Cryogenic treatment can have massive benefits for any high wearing tools or parts used in industrial or other fields such as castings, cutting tools or vehicle components. The main advantages are increased strength and wear resistance which in turn mean increased life expectancy and running effectiveness of treated parts. CTC treatment can also help from a safety perspective, reducing the chance of failure or destruction of treated parts.

Unlike a coating or other surface treatment, CTC affects the entire structure of the treated part, dramatically reducing wear for the entire life cycle of the part rather than ceasing to be effective once the surface treatment has worn off. The hardness of the treated material also remains unaffected so there is actually less tendency to crack or chip while its strength and durability is improved. 

To see our Proof Testing for CTC please click here.

Some Further Benefits of Cryogenic Thermal Cycling:


  • Decrease abrasive wear 

  • Decreases erosive wear

  • Decreases corrosive wear

  • Reduces distortion

  • Relieve residual stresses

  • Improves machineability

  • Reduces sharpening time

  • Reduces materials lost during sharpening

  • Withstand higher temperatures

  • Allows tighter machining tolerances in metals and plastics

  • Does not damage component parts

  • Environmentally clean process

  • Treats the entire component, not just surface


Cryogenic treatment works well for a variety of materials including ferrous and non-ferrous metals, alloys, carbides, super plastics (including Teflon and Nylon) and ceramics.

Some of the popular Cryogenic treatment applications are Gears, Crankshafts, Aircraft components, Moulds, Lathe inserts, Motor vehicle engines, Water pump impellers, Knives and blades, Gun barrels for single or rapid firing applications, Gearboxes, Bearings, Cutters, Firearms, Hobs, Press dies, Drill bits, Saw blades, Shear blades, Break disc and pads, Most metal tooling, Golf clubs, Aluminium bats, Musical instruments, Sound equipment, Fishhooks ,Electric motors, Copper conductors, Commutators, Carbon brushes, Shafts, Railway wheels, Tennis racket strings, Propellers, Castings, Conveyor rollers, CDs And DVDs, Sock knitting machine components, Processing plants, Earthmoving equipment, Off- highway trucks , Mechanical component parts, Electronic equipment, Medical equipment.

We also have many coatings and other processes for industrial, automotive and aircraft applications which include the above benefits and more.

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Cryo It

Whatever your needs we will help you choose the right process for the job and handle everything from surface preparation to application. All you need to do is bring us the parts you would like to have treated and we’ll handle the rest. For more information on our products you can contact us or find them on our products page here.

For more detailed technical information on cryogenics, you can download or view our Cryogenic Presentation by clicking here.

Yield better performance with sports equipment

Smoother action and cleaner sounds

from musical instruments

Increased component strength and durability

Improves electrical and thermal conductivity

Improved conductor resistiveity

One time process

Improved availability, reliability, yield and productivity

Less down time

Reduces maintenance expenses

Reduces tooling costs

Lowers production costs

Improves profitability

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